BarTender: Intuitive, easy to learn and easy to use

6 May 2021
BarTender: Intuitive, easy to learn and easy to use In the most demanding of regulatory environments, BarTender has helped businesses put compliance at the heart of their labelling needs with […]

Online Food Orders Increase

23 March 2021
Coronavirus pandemic sees a large increase in online food ordering In 2020 we saw the hospitality industry collapse due to lockdown restrictions, with restaurants, cafes, pubs and bars closing for […]

Janam XG4 Mobile Computer

23 March 2021
Workers can unlock new levels with the industrial-grade Janam XG4 Mobile Computer Gone are the days where workers have to put up with devices slowing them down – the world […]

Why choose Durabook?

19 March 2021
Why choose Durabook? Rugged Mobile Devices such as laptops and tablets are vital hardware that make working in the field possible. Durabook devices are versatile, portable and are designed and […]

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