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At Varlink, we have a lot of experience of helping our customers find the right technologies for any solution. With our huge wealth of industry knowledge, we can find the right blend of technology and hardware to help strengthen any business.

If you’re unsure what operating system you need or want to understand more about our hardware, our Technical Team is on hand from 9am – 5:30pm Monday to Friday to answer any queries you have. Call 01904 717180 option 2 for Technical or alternatively you can email support@varlink.co.uk.

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Dominating the market with an over 82% share, Android are the most familiar user interface out there, and their Google Management capabilities grow day by day. Android technology can help businesses grow and be flexible to their users’ needs with new applications, which are easy and quick to develop and download.

Varlink partner with leading manufacturers to offer an extensive range of compatible devices, with something for any requirement or budget. These devices can cater for any demand to ensure efficient management of the Android operating system. Making them suitable for any business needs.

As ubiquitous as it is trusted, Windows are the world’s computing partner and Windows technology the most prolific in existing hardware estates.

This trusted platform is still extremely popular for desktop PC, laptop and tablet users, in addition to being a standard option for EPoS hardware. However, now that the end of service of Windows Embedded Handheld has arrived, many die hard Windows fans are migrating towards Android technology for mobile computing.

Fortunately, customers with legacy devices will find it easy to migrate with terminal emulation, a feature of many Android handheld devices. This allows the customer to invest in a refreshed hardware estate, using Android, but with the look and functionality of the legacy Windows device, allowing for a slower and smoother transition.

Modern business is about mobile manageability and being able to remotely diagnose problems and lockdown features, ensuring settings and access remain secure and private. This is where Mobile Device Management (MDM) comes in. It allows a business to roll out updates in one go from one central place, so businesses can take control of devices no matter their location, even wiping the data remotely if they are stolen or lost.

Varlink can help you implement MDM systems to work with any system, offering your customers the most tested and reliable set of features for mobile management on the market. This provides businesses with amazing efficiencies by putting them in control of their hardware estate.

RFID technology allows you to network your products, so you know where they are and more, at all times. It’s revolutionising asset management, automated inventory and supply chain management across the world. And, in the UK is increasingly the technology favoured for high value items and retail over its less capable, rival technologies.

Compared to these rivals, RFID is simpler to use, isn’t affected by line of sight or environmental conditions and can be more cost effective through its ease of use and ability to automate far more processes. Used in conjunction with the right mobile software, you can develop more secure and efficient solutions, to allow businesses to identify and track stock, or anything, more simply.

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