Communication without the complication.

A complete unified platform that consolidates critical workflows
into one solution for frontline workforces.

So, what is Workforce Connect?

Workforce Connect is a platform that covers the entire spectrum of frontline needs from communication to collaboration, from information to safety, all in one connected solution.

Workforce Connect adds powerful voice and messaging features to Zebra mobile devices, providing workers with all the capabilities they need to maximise productivity and minimise cycle times, all on one device.

When information flows freely, workers can deliver better experiences where it matters most – with customers and patients.

Voice Client.

Speed up Team responses. Improve workflow. Increase mobile flexibility.

Eliminate employee desk phone dependency.

Easily communicate one-to-one or Ad Hoc Conferencing for 3-way conversations on the go by setting up specific work groups and controlling access rights based on each individual need.

Take it further by connecting business apps with voice apps to create one seamless workflow.

If needed, users can add Voice Enablement Signature Service as an option that unites voice capabilities with mobility technologies to expand connectivity and reduce devices across your customer’s enterprise. Works over WiFi.

Devices Supported: Zebra Mobile Computers.

Integrate:Zebra Staff Communication Apps, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Model.

Push-to-Talk (PTT) Pro.

Eliminate Boundaries. Deliver Messages Consistently and Securely. Connect Teams Anywhere.

Enable smarter decisions and higher efficiency by integrating secure push-to-talk voice and messaging on every mobile device, allowing communication with a single person or in groups.

With PTT Pro, sending a single message to the field or taking over a conversation is easier than ever.

Additionally, knowing where everyone is at all times is guaranteed with the presence and outdoor location services that track users, devices and history. Works over WiFi and Cellular.

Devices Supported: Zebra Mobile Computers, BYOD Android and iOS and Windows Desktop Computers.

Communicate: Worker-to-Worker, Worker-to-Group, Specific Workers in a Group.

WFC for Retail.

Curbside Pickup | Find an Expert | Self-Help Kiosks | Make Connections | Send Announcements | Find Associates | Reduce Theft | Manage Tasks | Enhance Safety

WFC for Healthcare.

Hands-Free Communication | Improve Task Management | Quick Emergency Responses | Timely Responses

WFC for T&L.

Customer Service | Minimise Hardware | Manage Tasks | Connect with Groups | Improve Security | Enhance Visibility | Streamline Dispatch | Oversee Fieldworker Location | Prevent Distractions | Signal an Emergency

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